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Emergency Nanny

A Nanny for those unexpected moments

If you suddenly find yourself stuck for childcare it can be a difficult situation. This is where an Emergency Nanny can help. While we never want to be in a situation where we unexpectedly find ourselves unable to look after our children, this can happen. It might be that you have been called away on urgent business for work or that a family member has become sick. No matter the reason, here at Annie’s Nannies® we have a range of Emergency Nannies who can quickly step in to help you out.

What is an Emergency Nanny?

An Emergency Nanny is a nanny who can be called upon at short notice to look after your children. It could be that you are stuck for childcare for a number of reasons or just that your usual nanny is off sick. No matter the reason, your Emergency Nanny can come in to cover the short period of time that is required. This could be for a few hours, a day or two or possibly longer.

What are the Duties of an Emergency Nanny?

An Emergency Nanny can help with all elements of childcare that is needed at the time. Depending on the time that they are needed, they can take over from the role of the usual nanny, or just for the duties that are required at the time. This could be picking the children up from school, helping with homework, taking them on a playdate and putting them to bed.

Key Responsibilities of an Emergency Nanny

Standing in at short notice
Stepping in to cover the usual nanny’s duties
Feed the children fresh and nutritious food
Wash, iron and mend the children’s clothes
Wash and change the children’s bedding when needed
Organise stimulating activities
Keep the kitchen, nursery and bathroom tidy after use
Ensure the children have fresh air and exercise
Help with the children’s homework

Attend school events or trips if needed
Plan meals and a weekly shopping list for the children
Take the children to doctor and dental appointments
Pick up prescriptions and ensure medication is taken
Purchase the children’s food and clothing as required
Create a happy and relaxed environment for the children
Be loving and kind but firm when required
Ensure the children feel safe


How do I Find an Emergency Nanny?

If you are looking for a Surrey Emergency Nanny, or one in Hampshire, Berkshire, other close counties or London please get in touch via email or telephone and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have and find a suitable nanny for you.

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