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Nanny Housekeeper & Nanny PA

An extra pair of hands, beyond childcare

Here at Annie’s Nannies® we know that taking care of your children can extend beyond their physical and mental needs. Looking after a home can often come with a range of other duties and this is where a Nanny Housekeeper or Nanny PA can come in. A Nanny Housekeeper or Nanny PA can be either a live-in basis or a daily basis and will look after the house as well as your children.

What is a Nanny Housekeeper and Nanny PA?

A Nanny Housekeeper and Nanny PA is generally a role that is best suited if you have school-aged children. This is because once the children have been dropped off at school, they can carry out housekeeping and PA roles. A Nanny Housekeeper/PA is a combination of the two roles and can be a truly invaluable support service for busy families. While you are at work or out during the day then everyday chores such as cleaning, laundry and cooking dinner can soon mount up. Rather than having to hire the two services separately, the nanny can look after both the home and your children, leaving you to spend quality time with your children. Another benefit could be to have a meal ready for you all by the time you get in from work or your daily tasks.

What are the Duties of a Nanny Housekeeper and Nanny PA?

The duties of a Nanny Housekeeper or Nanny PA include all the usual childcare duties of a nanny, as well as household organisation. This might include dropping off and picking up items from the dry cleaners, taking pets to the vets, organising appointments, doing the household shopping and more. They would typically tidy and clean the home, do the laundry and ironing and perhaps cooking meals for the family too.

Key Responsibilities of a Nanny Housekeeper and Nanny PA

Childcare duties of a nanny
General household cleaning
Running errands
Keeping the house organised
Doing the weekly food shop
Helping in the kitchen
Looking after pets

How do I Find a Nanny Housekeeper and Nanny PA?

If you are looking for a Nanny Housekeeper or Nanny PA in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, other close counties and London please get in touch via email or telephone and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have and find a suitable nanny for you.

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