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Night Nanny

There to support you through out the night.

Once your Maternity Practitioner leaves, you may still require additional support with your little one. This is where a Night Nanny comes in. A Night Nanny will allow you to continue to get a good night’s sleep to prepare for the next day, while also feeling reassured your baby is in good hands. A Night Nanny can work for a specified amount of evenings per week or they can stay with you. They can either charge an hourly rate or a fixed night rate, depending on their preference. They will support you through everything from changing your baby’s nappies to feeding them, settling them to sleep and bringing them to you for feeding.


What is the Role of a Night Nanny?

A Night Nanny is there to offer support after your Maternity Practitioner has left. They can also assist if you are going back to work and need to get a good night’s sleep.  It could be that your baby is at an age where they do not sleep for very long, wake regularly during the night or are teething and need comforting. This is where the Night Nanny can take care of them and settle them back to sleep. If you are breastfeeding your Night Nanny can bring your baby into you for a feed during the night. You might not be breastfeeding at this point, but your Night Nanny can take care of the early morning bottle feeds and ensure your baby is safe and cared for. The Night Nanny can sleep in the same room as the baby, or if the baby sleeps in your room, they can offer care and support as needed.

What Facilities does a Night Nanny need?

This depends on whether the Night Nanny lives with you or just comes in for the evening. If they live with you, then they will require a room or bed in a room that is shared with the baby, a private space to relax and a bathroom.

If you are looking for a Surrey Night Nanny, or one in Hampshire, Kent, Berkshire, other close counties or London, please get in touch with us via email or telephone and we can answer any questions you may have and help you find a suitable nanny.

Key Responsibilities of a Night Nanny

Assist with night feeding
Settle the baby back at night when they wake
Help with bottle or breastfeeding
Prepare and sterilise bottles
Assist with establishing a routine
Offer guidance and help to new parents
Get the baby bathed
Dress the baby
Launder the baby’s clothes

How do I Find a Night Nanny?

We have a host of highly qualified, experienced and vetted nannies. Please get in touch by email or telephone to enquire about finding a suitable candidate.

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