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Noosh Inc.

Number one online platform specialising in maternity and parental guidance.

We are pleased to collaborate with a leading online platform specialising in maternity and parental guidance - Noosh Inc.

Since 2019, Maternity & Parental Health Practitioner (formerly known as Noosh Inc.), has been the number one online platform specializing in maternity and parental guidance. We provide help and support to new mothers and their newborns.

We are offering a whole range of support, from establishing a routine to helping new mothers to breastfeed, to offering support to mothers who are suffering with post-natal depression. Maternity and health practitioner can be an extremely valuable asset in the first few days, weeks and sometimes months after your precious little one is born.

Eva, the founder of Noosh Inc. – is fully certified and highly experienced maternity and health practitioner with over 21 years of experience working closely with first time parents and families. Throughout her career she has developed a holistic approach to childcare, performing roles as a maternity & health practitioner, nanny, sleep consultant, breastfeeding consultant, child nutritionist and cognitive behavioural therapist. She has advised, coached and helped numerous families throughout their parenthood journey. Additionally, she is a qualified nutritional therapist. Her extensive experience in modelling and fitness industry (qualified fitness coach since 2003 and professional athlete) enables her to fully understand the science, mechanisms and techniques behind achieving and sustaining a healthy, strong and functional body. She has advised many new mothers on staying healthy during and after the pregnancy. Her knowledge of child’s nutrition has helped many families with fussy eaters and those wishing to establish suitable routine and meal planner for their child.

We are offering the following services:

  • Online consultation with one of our maternity and health parenting practitioner.
  • Home visit to guide you and support you in comfort of your home.

We are specializing in:

  • Establishing routine
  • Sleep issues and sleep training
  • Colic and reflux
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pre/Post natal nutrition
  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy
  • Baby planner
  • Eco – consultant


Please click here to be directed to the Noosh Inc. website


Preferably you can contact the Maternity Practitioner directly on 07766128545 or email at nooshinc@outlook.com

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